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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quick Knit Birthday Hat

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I wanted to make a birthday present out of some beautiful Noro Silk Garden that I got at The Cultured Purl in Erie, Pennsylvania during a knitting retreat trip. I thought about doing the striped scarf, but I wasn't sure it would be used. A hat seemed like the best thing.

I spent hours thinking about what kind of hat to make and perusing patterns looking for something suitably manly that would work with the yarn. There were a couple of contenders such as the Koolhaas hat and the Turn a Square hat, but I was not sure I'd get them done on time or how difficult they'd be, which would in turn affect the timing.

At the last minute. I went through my Last Minute Knitted Gifts book and decided to make one of Kim's Hats. Instead of Malabrigo I would use the Silk Garden doubled. I don't usually like knitting which uses two yarns of different colors held together. I would be using the same colorway together, but it's a striping yarn, so I was a little worried about the affect. But, I wanted a nice dense knit so I held them together.

It turned out beautifully. There's a nice tweedy look to it. Sometimes the same colors are together. The stripes are great. The different color of the garter border really pops it out against the dark blue starting the stockingette of the main part of the hat.




Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Very nice !!!

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Hey cutie patootie!

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