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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Modeling the Green Socks

Modeling the Green Socks
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Just to make sure that anyone who would like to see my first knit socks in action, here's a brief note. Look! they're done! Finished them on September 7, 2008. And, I think they fit. A little slouchy. Yes Juniper I think you were right. But, actually I thought I was knitting these 7st/inch and later figured out they were 8st/inch! And still a little big around the legs, but if that's how you wear them, then that's okay, and I htink it might be.


Juniper Sage said...

I don't remember what I was right about but glad I was once this week! And nice picture - does he know he has to wear his pants like that all of the time?

Missing you, kiddo!

Martha said...

Ohhh Laaa Laaa....They look great.

What pattern is your next pair?

Miss you lots,